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Vidhya Hospitals, Multispeciality Hospital in Lucknow, offers a comprehensive health package designed to ensure patients’ overall well-being. Its health package is a fine blend of various screenings and diagnostic tests to determine a patient’s health status. The primary purpose is to identify any underlying health conditions early to facilitate prompt intervention and treatment, thereby preventing potential complications.

The health package comprises various services such as general physical examination, blood tests, urine analysis, ECG, X-rays, ultrasound, and specialized consultations. It caters to multiple diseases, including cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, and cancer. The package is curated by experienced medical professionals, aiming to address the health needs of all age groups.

The hospital maintains a patient-friendly environment and employs advanced technology to provide precise diagnostic results. With its world-class medical facilities and a team of dedicated healthcare professionals, Vidhya Hospitals super speciality Hospital in Lucknow ensures that each patient receives personalized care & attention.

The health package at Vidhya Hospitals is an investment toward a healthier future. By identifying potential health issues before these issues become critical, this comprehensive screening package aids in promoting a longer, healthier life.

Each and every health package comes with in – depth doctor consultation and various diagnostics tests aimed to give you the best lifestyle and healthcare advice.
Select the health package that best suits your requirement. Full Body Health Check-up Price in Vidhya Hospitals Lucknow
Health Package
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Basic Health Checkup
Master Health Check - Full Body - Male
Master Health Check - Female
Complete Heart CheckUp
Basic Heart Check-Up
Vidhya Hospital Advance Health Check Male
Vidhya Hospital Advance Health Check - Female

Basic Health Check-Up

Executive Health Check up

Heart/Diabetes Health Check up


What are the important points that we need to keep in mind before health check-up?

Fasting and Medication: You are required to observe 10-12 hrs fasting and abstinence of alcohol. Hence it is recommended not to eat or drink after 9 PM. You can have a few sips of water. Do not consume anything which can result in holding back the actual symptoms of your health condition. Please carry your sample of urine and stool with you as per package requirement. Please carry all your previous medical records with you. Additional test:Any additional test recommended by a doctor outside package is charged as per hospital standard rates. Clothing: Please wear comfortable attire for the Health Checkup. Restrictions: Pap smear test cannot be performed for females during the time of menstrual cycle. Time: The health check-up takes approximately 3-5 hrs which includes consultation; kindly plan your day accordingly.

Do you offer home collection for Health package?
Yes we do but only on special requests.
How can i get a customised health package for myself?

You can reach out to our Health Package representative on 7521000956 and get further details on customisation of Health Package.

Can I customize health package according to my requirements?

Yes, at Vidhya Hospitals we ensure that the patients receive the utmost benefit of our cost-effective health packages by offering customization options. Patients can choose to replace one check-up with another; based on the doctor’s recommendation. However, depending on the changes made, the cost of complete health check-up packages at Hospital may vary.

Can you collect samples from home after taking a health package?

The facility of home collection is not yet available at Vidhya Hospitals. However, you can avail multiple health check-up packages with a single visit to the hospital. Our expert staff will assist you in all possible ways while collecting and depositing the samples for the tests. In case of bulk collections, we do offer home collection services. For more info call on +91 9918887722.

Which mode of payment do you accept for Health packages?

Vidhya Hospitals accepts both cash and card payments. Patients can use these two methods to avail the benefit of cost-effective health check-up packages.

Which mode of paymaIs there any special offer for returning customers?ent do you accept for Health packages?

Patients re-visiting Vidhya Hospitals for complete body check-up do not need to pay the registration fee for all the consecutive visits. Patients can avail the benefit of health check-up packages offered at discounted rates, prevailing at the time of visit. We also offer additional 10 percent discount on returning customers.

Can I cancel a prepaid booking and get a refund?

The refund process on prepaid healthcare package provided by Vidhya Hospitals depends on multiple conditions. To know about the refund policy for our exclusive health check-up packages, get in touch with the Hospital representatives on +91 7521000956. Our team will be happy to assist you with all the queries.