An emergency department in a hospital is a medical treatment facility specializing in emergency medicine and the acute care of patients who arrive at the hospital in need of immediate care and don’t have any prior appointment. The emergency departments of Vidhya Hospital operate 24X7, and hospital provides urgent care to emergency patients who have major illnesses, traumatic injuries, or other issues that require immediate treatment. The staff includes specialist doctors, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare staff who follow all specific procedures to get the care you need as quickly as possible.

Why Emergency dept. at Vidhya Hospitals and Trauma Centre is one of the best?

06 bedded Triage with best life support systems. Round the clock Pathology and Radiology Support including CT Scan and X-Ray. Close proximity to Operation Theaters and ICUs. Experienced Doctor & Nursing staff available round the clock. Inter-Hospital Patient Transfer. 24*7 in-house dedicated emergency and trauma specialist doctors. Multi Parameter Monitor, DeFib, Ventilator.

Experienced Doctor & Nursing staff available round the clock.

Cardiac emergency